BRIEF ABOUT Grnata Group

Grnata group had been established since 1982. It had been improving since then to meet the ambition for development in the property market .Why not, since it had been established on robust infrastructure, capable to face the challenges and the impact of real estate boom which the Kingdom of Bahrain is experiencing. Also that facilitated the application of modern methods and effective practices in the real estate market in the local, regional and international level.
Grnata Group according to the observers of real estate market opinion is well established gained the confidence of the pioneers who were dealing with real estate market. That did not happen by chance, but through its continues progress in the real estate world and through its convoy to the economic changes also its capability to encompass the investment on solid, economic basis.
The most important principle that Grnata group adopts, is to work according to the mechanism of open market with commitment to quality, efficiency and responsibility towards the society to achieve the construction objectives.
What distinguishes Grnata is its experienced, qualified human resource that put the policies and defined the objectives. Then, empowered these objectives with clear vision which resulted as unique services, exclusive projects and well planned for objectives that Grnata group provides in the real estate market.
The concept of real estate brokerage which Grnata group had applied in pursuant of modern agreements in sale & buy transactions of properties also in valuation, property development and administration. Therefore, Grnata had established essential rules of methodical work as follows:
          To establish modern practices to enable it to face the present changes and the future expectations.
          Participation in redeveloping and marketing many projects and rehabilitates it in order to become urban areas.
          Modernized working methods to work accordingly in the real estate market.
          It put an added value to all the work and projects it achieves.
To provide comfort and safety for investment directed by our consultations and our experience for sustainable development based on solid economic basis.
With our human resources… Our professional tools… our commitment…our objectives and watchword… our ambition… all this punch of ethics are the cornerstones of our work and our company philosophy. That appears in:
§ Exclusive real estate brokerage.
§ Active properties sale & buy real estate market.
§ Properties administration& development with highest administration    level.
§ Valuation and analysis study for the current & future real estate market.
§ Contractors and construction with international measures of quality material and measures that matches common taste.
All that with continues development and modernization convoy.  
Basically, Grnata aims to achieve the wishes and objectives of our customers, therefore, it works with them as partners in the process of real estate development. Also, it works in a manner to comply with the general objectives of the kingdom of Bahrain through continuous work to provide a bunch of ideals of highest qualifications and professionalism
We believe in bouquet of principles pour out of our Arabic and Islamic heritage from one side, and from modern skills ,knowledge experience ,professional practices in the field of the real estate marketing, valuation , real estate study, property development and administration from other side. That could be summarized as follows :
          Strengthen the meaning of responsibility
          Performance Quality
          Achieve the assignment in the right time
          Adequacy and efficiency
          communication with the partners at work
          Accuracy and discipline
          Achieve the goal of one team work
          improvement, innovative and modernization 
Divisions of Grnata Group …
          Grnata towers for contracting and maintenance 
          Grnata properties management and development
          Grnata real estate valuation and consultation 
          Grnata for cleaning and painting, decoration, gypsum  
          Bahrain Gate for advertisement and publication
          Grnata real estate
          Grnata Properties selling & Buying
          Grnata clearance


SALES & MARKETING  Departments
In order to provide professional real estate services, the group hierarchal administration constructed on many branches for marketing processes, where the salesmen had been distributed according to the geographical areas to grantee the distribution of salesmen in and outside the kingdom of Bahrain. Therefore, salesmen had been divided in the following divisions: 
Section of capital & Muharreq …
That includes the town of Manama (capital of Bahrain) and the urban areas nearby it which constitutes the capital province. Also, this division includes Muharraq and its urban areas which cover all the areas of Muharraq providence.  
Section of northern& western area …
It starts from the area of Al Daih, Jedhafs to extent to all areas besides the avenue of Al Budaya ending to Janabiya and Hamala. 
Section of central &southern area …
It includes Isa town and its urban areas up to Sitra and Asker and all the areas situated in the southern providence.
The following divisions had special salesmen in order to convoy the current development in the real estate market
Especial projects Section …
It concern with big projects like towers, buildings, sketches, residential and commercial complexes. Therefore, the staff do projects analysis studies and cooperate with the valuation committee which consist of engineers, legal advisors, Experienced valuators and accountants. According to the recommendations of this committee, Grnata prepares a realistic and detailed feasibility study of these projects.
VIP Section …
It is a very especial division. Its main goal is to direct the large investments towards the right direction to achieve the construction objectives and the economic goals in general.